In Hollywood, a sports bookie is generally the guy that makes sure you pay up and he’s usually played by a John Cena or Dwayne Johnson type behemoth of an individual. What about the best online sports bookie? It makes for great entertainment on the big screen, but it’s the furthest thing from real life. An online bookie is basically the polar opposite of what you’d see in a movie theatre. They’re not intimidating. Also, they’re not overwhelming. They’re not mean and above all they’re not unwelcoming by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, online sportsbooks go to extremely great lengths to make sure they’re as welcoming and friendly as can be.

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Now, the key to finding the best online sports bookie isn’t necessarily finding a website that’ll be your best friend. It is, however, finding a site that you can trust. At the end of the day, much like any and all relationships in real life, trust wins out ten times out of ten. When it comes to seeking out the best online sports bookie – the parameters are no different.

Now, how do you find “trust” in a website? Well, there are a few things that you have to look for ahead of time before signing up. A few very important features to keep an eye out for that’ll likely tell you everything you need to know about a bookmaker.

Review of the Best Online Sportsbooks

Best Online Sports Bookie


You should try and make sure the website that you’re gunning for has this feature. Really? Yes. Most bookies do, but there still are a few that lag behind when it comes to the hard, fast and live stuff. Why is this important you ask? Well, it can help differentiate the active from the stale. Let us explain.

A live betting engine needs to react to game time decisions, lineup changes, plays and outcomes in a matter of seconds. It has to change with the action or the bookmaker will be doing themselves, the rest of their clients and you a huge disservice. If their live betting doesn’t react in real time, you could miss out on some very advantageous odds changes. The later a game goes, the higher the stakes become. If a website doesn’t have a proper engine to ensure that you’re covered with every tick of your game’s clock, it’s not worth your time.

Another reason why live betting is a must-have, is that you know a crew is working tirelessly behind the scenes. This leads us right into our second most desired feature.

Online Sportsbook and Casino Reviews


Similar to the live betting function, a sportsbook that also operates a casino on their site helps give you a bit more assurance. Assurance about the site’s back end. You can gauge and tell immediately that the company you’re about to sign on with has a big team working behind the scenes.

A casino generally requires its own separate team of technicians from the one that works the sportsbook. There’s far too many moving parts for one crew to tackle each portion at one time. Sometimes the multiple teams can overlap and help with different projects and campaigns, but more often than not, when it comes to choosing the best online sports bookie, you want to join a site that’s got a lot of horses under the hood. The more team members making sure things run smoothly – the better.

It also comes down to the IT teams on the back end. The casino IT crew can also be there as a fail safe for the sportsbook team. The more developers and programmers continually working on a site is a good thing. The last thing you want is the website’s tech to fail and you miss placing a bet or withdrawing money when you need it. You want as many hands on deck as possible and a ‘live betting’ and ‘casino’ function can go a long way in determining that.

Top Sportsbook Bonuses Online

It shouldn’t be the first thing you look for, but it should certainly be on your list. Welcome bonuses, refer a friend, in-game and deposit specials are what make the sports betting world go round. Don’t think you’re better than the rest of the population here. You might not sign up for the free blanket for the credit card on the concourse, but when it comes to online sportsbooks, we highly advise that you entertain the thought of treating yourself to something nice.

Most sites will offer you a tiered bonus. Some will even offer you specials based on your favorite or most desired sport. Either way you slice it, though, you’ll be entering the betting world with a little added incentive under your belt.

Now, generally a lot of sites will also offer you a free bet that comes with a few minor conditions. These aren’t daunting and they’re certainly not deal breakers, but if you do want to take advantage of them just know that there are a few stipulations. Such as, they’re usually capped at a certain amount and they’re also sometimes not available for your desired game. At times, they’re exclusively offered for certain games and or props. Again, though, this shouldn’t deter you whatsoever. The free bets should just be looked upon as a nice added perk in an already very “perk-filled” online world.

Best Online Sportsbooks for 2022

We hope that these three terms will help guide your search for your next book. When it comes to finding the best online sports bookie, in terms of these three features, we’ve saved you the trouble and listed our top choices on our homepage. Not only have we taken a closer look at the live betting, casino and bonus features, though, we’ve also taken a deeper dive on a number of other topics.

It’s just another reason why we at BettingSites1 should be your number one choice when it comes to which bookie you’d like to select. We know when it comes to the full board of choices out there, it can be a little overwhelming. At the end of the day, for you, there can only be one and we want to give you every little bit of education possible to help fulfill your sportsbook destiny.