Wanting to learn about legal US betting sites? Is online betting USA legal? When on the hunt for your next top betting site or home sportsbook, there’s a few things that you need to take into account before creating an account. Obviously, the main features that we’ve stressed a few times within our site should come to mind – Bonuses, Presentation, Odds and Innovation (to name a few). Legality is a big one though and it’s a necessity that should be at the front of the line when it comes to sussing out your next online bookie.

NFL Betting SiteBonusBonus ScorePayout ScoreJoin
X Bet
XBet Betting Site
$1,00010/1010/10Bet Now
BetUS Betting Site
200%9.6/109.8/10Bet Now
Bovada Betting Site
$2508.3/108.6/10Bet Now
MyBookie Betting Site
$1,0008/108.2/10Bet Now
BetOnline Betting Site
$1,0007.2/107.9/10Bet Now
GT Bets
GT Bets Betting Site
150%6.8/107.8/10Bet Now

Unless you’ve been living under a rock these past few years, you’ve seen the ever changing landscape of online sportsbooks in the news. Right? The boom of daily fantasy sports was a memorable one last decade. The rise in popularity of live betting. Also, prop playing are a few other notable milestones. The big one, though, is the state-to-state passed legislation. This of legalized sports betting. Now, with that said, sportsbooks still aren’t fully legal in some states. Which ones? However, one-by-one more and more are getting on-board. They’ve also become far more inclusive in terms of player technology. Read more below.

In the majority of these states where the legislation has passed, the wagering itself has become available to players by way of apps, online betting and the standard in-person real deal. We emphasize the word, “majority” though. Not all states have gotten behind the diversity when playing online sportsbooks.

Top Legal US Betting Sites

Legal US Betting Sites

Delaware, Mississippi, New Mexico, Arkansas and Montana are still only allowing bets to be made in-person. Do you live there? While, oddly enough, New Hampshire and Tennessee are only allowing these legal US betting sites to take plays in a mobile format only. Not desktop. It’s a bit of a strange setup. However, the progression and adaptation is there and nationwide legislation is picking up steam day-by-day.

Now, when it comes to legal US betting sites and everything we just mentioned, there are a few things to keep in mind. While we do love the progressiveness of these different states. Their online system is generally operated through their own state lottery. Thus, you can’t access bonuses, quick withdrawal methods, casinos and or the majority of professional sports games, odds and props. In contrast, the sportsbooks that we feature on BettingSites1 are vastly different because they are not state run and are available in every US state.

So what does this mean for you, the future client? Well, it’s pretty simple, if you’re looking to place a one-off bet while also purchasing your 1 in 25 million odds lottery ticket, you should probably check out your local lottery site. If you’re looking for the absolute best sports gaming experience by a landslide though, you’re going to want to stick it out here and dive into our free education to find the best sportsbook and odds on the internet today.

When it comes to the online legality of these non-state/lottery sites, just know that we at BS1 only promote legal sportsbooks. That’s not just for the United States either. We exclusively review and promote legal bet houses for the United States, Canada and the rest of the international betting scene.

Online Betting USA Legal

It doesn’t matter if you’re in Seattle or Rio De Janeiro, if you can’t place a bet on a site – that site won’t be found in our online hub. Likewise, if a site has ever come into any legality issues with daily players – it too, won’t live here.

Our top rated sites are BetUS, X Bet, Bovada and MyBookie.ag. These sites have each been around nearly a decade or more. They’ve accepted bets, won and lost with players and paid out on-time and to the dollar with their customers time and time again.  Learn more about betting legal in the States here. Our role here at BettingSites1 isn’t to feature sites that purely offer the best incentives to players. Our job is to rank the best sites that we feel you’ll be most comfortable at for the foreseeable future. Because when it comes right down to it, you’re entrusting these companies with your banking and private information. Getting into the wide world of sports betting isn’t as easy as 1-2-3. It takes time. It takes patience. It takes research.

Above all, though, it takes trust. Sportsbooks you can trust?

This is why we take it so seriously and if you were wondering why your state maybe hasn’t passed the bill just yet, it’s because your senate looks upon this matter just as vitally as we do. Not like buying a pair of used shoes on Facebook marketplace. There’s no bartering here. Really? This is a serious business.  Including some very stern players and intense linemakers. The sites that we have chosen to review and promote take these matters to heart and you shouldn’t want it any other way. Why? Learn more in our reviews.

Where is Online Gambling Legal

At the end of the day, everyone loves chatting with the funny, sarcastic guy at the party more than the serious, stone faced fellow sitting over by the fire. When it comes to which guy you’d trust more with your business, though, serious wins out ten times out of ten. You shouldn’t want a sportsbook that boasts and gloats about it’s legality 24-7.  More information at ESPN. A site shouldn’t do that because its legality should be standard. It’s expected and it should be built in right from its inception.

Please allow us now to take a few minutes of your time to map out which sites are at the top of our charts for more than just legality Fair? As mentioned, that feature should be set in stone and not celebrated because it should be standard. What should be celebrated by your next sportsbook and promoted are their bonuses, promotions, odds, props, presentation and reliability. What does this mean for online betting USA legal? It means look before you buy. Read our reviews.

Let’s take a walk down sports betting lane now. Find out which books stand out above the rest in our top online sportsbook rankings. Ready? We’ve combed the earth for the absolute top sites in a variety of categories. Also, we have broken down what separates them for the rest to help better educate you on which way to turn when searching for your next online sports gaming home. Ready? These are not just the top legal US betting sites, these are the absolute top dogs for a variety of reasons. Let us explain.