Most Americans flock to the top NFL sportsbooks far and wide when the summer comes to an end because that can only mean one thing – the new NFL betting season is upon us. Whether it be preseason or week seven, people that bet on the National Football League are in it to win it. With that said, though, you don’t have to be a hardcore football nerd to find yourself some paydirt when the season kicks off. Enjoy these tips joining NFL betting sites.

NFL Betting SiteBonusBonus ScorePayout ScoreJoin
X Bet
XBet Betting Site
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BetUS Betting Site
200%9.6/109.8/10Bet Now
Bovada Betting Site
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MyBookie Betting Site
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BetOnline Betting Site
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GT Bets
GT Bets Betting Site
150%6.8/107.8/10Bet Now

Each game comes with bets for all ranges and levels of players. It doesn’t matter whether it’s your first time or you’re an experienced veteran, our top rated sportsbooks will get you into the action for every snap and every play.

The sites that we have compiled will each greet you with a variety of options for each game and each play. Yes, each play as live betting is a huge component of what these sportsbooks do. Fair? Before we get to that, though, let’s talk about the different oddsets that you’ll find. This when betting on the NFL.

Best NFL Betting Sites

Top NFL Betting Sites Sportsbooks

First and foremost, the easiest and most popular bet is your “win or lose” bet. Which in our world is generally called Moneyline. Moneyline bets, which are also commonly referred to as “Money”, are essentially just picking which team you believe will win. If you’d like to look at it a different way though, you’re also selecting which team you think will lose – by selecting the winner. This form of betting generally won’t offer you a tremendous payout. As it’s pretty black and white. There is a variation of the bet that will offer you a decent payout though – Point Spread.

The Point Spread bet, also known as “Spread”, is when you select your predicted winner plus or minus a certain amount of allotted points. Now, most betting sites will allow you to alter the point spreads a bit more to change the odds up. Sounds fun! However, that route requires quite a bit more explanation. So let’s keep things fairly straightforward and just touch on how the point spread itself works for now.

You’ll see the favored team with a minus sign (-) and a whole or a .5 decimal number next to their name. That’s the amount of points that they are favored by. Likewise, you’ll be able to select the losing team here as well with a positive (+) spread next to their name. That’s the number of points that the team is allotted to lose by. For example, if the team you select is +5 and they either win by any amount or lose by less than five points, you win your bet! Ready to get started?

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The next standard bet that you’ll see on the weekly schedule of games is Over-Under. This one is a little more straightforward. Also, requires far easier math. It will give you a total number of points and all you have to do is select one of two options. The number that it shows is the total number of points for both teams tallied up by the end of the game. If you think more points will be scored in the game, you select the Over. If you think less, you select the opposite and take the Under. It’s honestly just that easy. There’s a reason everyone bets.

Now, these are the standard bets that you’ll find attached to each game. However, when it comes to NFL betting, sportsbooks can and do constantly go a lot deeper than that. Learn more here. There’s also prop bets, parlays and live betting available to you at your leisure. They’re pretty simple to explain as well, which is another reason why NFL betting is so popular in North America – it’s simplicity. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist. In fact, you don’t even need to know all the rules. It’s an easy way for laid back or hardcore bettors and fans to get into the game without even watching it – although we suggest that you do. It’s far more fun that way.

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Prop bets are generated by the site itself. Your desired bookie’s linemaker will create a dozen or more props for each individual game. The best sites out there will do more, but more often than not, the best props can be found around playoffs and or Super Bowl time. For the season itself, you’ll find a boatload of individually created and curated bets that are unique to each team and each player. There could be Over-Unders on Lamar Jackson’s rushing yards or Tom Brady’s touchdown count. Either way, week in and week out, you’re guaranteed to find a little added flavor in the props section.

When it comes to parlays, this is where the best players make their money. Sure, the odds on underdogs and props can be alluring, but you’ll find the best payout pots when you put them all together in a parlay. A parlay is exactly what it sounds like. Nothing to do with a peace treaty. Not funny. You place consecutive bets and parlay your winnings over and over. The reason the multi-game and or multi-bet parlays can pay so well is because the odds are tallied based on the possibility of you winning each of those plays. Sure, the odds are against you, but if you go on a run, the pot can be pretty sweet!

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Finally, we come to live betting. This feature became a staple in the online sportsbook world through the last decade or so. Once these sites got the AI to be reactive and adaptive enough to keep up with each and every play of the game, NFL betting took off and has never been the same – nor would we ever want it to be. Looking for NFL live betting? With live betting, you can literally follow the entire game itself while watching the odds change with each and every run, pass, touchdown, kick, pick or tackle. It’s an absolute gamechanger and it’s the sole feature that could make or break an NFL betting site for you.

Now that you’ve learned a little bit more about what each betting player looks for in a site and what each site has come to offer in a standard fashion, let’s take a closer look at who sits atop the ranks. Head here to find out which sportsbooks take centre stage in our BettingSites1 standings. Get into the game now.