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Russell Wilson Frustrated with Seahawks

A month after the Seattle Seahawks were eliminated from the playoffs, quarterback Russell Wilson said he was frustrated with all the hits he’s taken and stated his desire for more say in personnel moves.

Later in February, Wilson’s agent, Mark Rodgers, told ESPN’s Adam Schefter that the quarterback would accept a trade to only four teams, which led to speculation that he will force his way out of town.

However, in his first public comments to reporters since the news broke, Wilson said he doesn’t want to leave Seattle. Looking to bet on the Seahawks and other NFL games?

“Obviously I love Seattle, I love playing here,” he said Thursday after the Seahawks’ 10th and final OTA. “I’ve had a great career here so far. Always wanted to play here for my full career, obviously. I think there was some unfortunate frustrations after the season. Obviously you want to win it all and do it all and do everything you can. Think everybody on our team does. You want to win it, and I think, unfortunately, I think it got a little blown out of proportion a little bit.”

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General manager John Schneider said in April that while he received calls on Wilson, he never “actively negotiated” with anyone.

“There was a lot of people, there was a whole thing saying that I had requested a trade, and that’s just not true,” Wilson said Thursday. “I didn’t request a trade. I think everything kind of started from there, and then obviously tons of teams were calling. … I didn’t really want to go anywhere else. I wanted to play in Seattle, but if I had to go somewhere, these are the teams I would go to, consider. … I had a great conversation with Coach Carroll. Had a really great conversation with John, too. Coach Carroll and I spent a lot of time together one-on-one. We’re here to do what we’re meant to do and that’s to win it all. I’m excited.”

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