The NFL is the most bet on professional sports league on earth. There are a hefty number of reasons for this: There’s one game per week, the parity is high, and the schedule is short. NFL betting also elevates the fan and viewer experience unlike anything else. Rather than simply cobbling together the best sports betting websites, we’ve gone one further and put together a list of the best NFL betting sites online today. Let’s be honest, it’s easy to track down the most popular sports betting websites around. If you’re thinking pigskin only though, you’ll want to find the top-rated NFL sportsbook and we’re here to help.
NFL Betting SiteBonusBonus ScorePayout ScoreJoin
X Bet
XBet Betting Site
$1,00010/1010/10Bet Now
BetUS Betting Site
200%9.6/109.8/10Bet Now
Bovada Betting Site
$2508.3/108.6/10Bet Now
MyBookie Betting Site
$1,0008/108.2/10Bet Now
BetOnline Betting Site
$1,0007.2/107.9/10Bet Now
GT Bets
GT Bets Betting Site
150%6.8/107.8/10Bet Now

How and Where to Bet on NFL Online

This offseason the NFL confirmed that they will be extending their regular season schedule for the first time since 1978. If you want to learn how to bet on NFL games online then visit these guys. Teams will now play 17 regular season games with an expanded playoff format (circa 2020). What this means for you, is that you’ll now have more opportunities to bet on your favorite team. Your beloved club that was once a long shot now has a better shot at cracking the postseason schedule and then from there who knows. The future could be friendly for even the most unfortunate of NFL teams.

NFL Futures Betting

Now that you understand what’s to come this season, it’s time to think about what you can bet on and where you’ll find the wagers you want to play. NFL betting can be a fun time, but it can also be a heartbreaking experience. The good new is you now stand a better shot when laying down your NFL futures bet early on. With that added game and expanded postseason format, the NFL playoff odds could finally be in your favor – something that hasn’t always been the case when betting football. Now, when it comes to the betting itself, the process is easy. You simply find your desired top sports betting sites from our compiled list, register, and you are on your way. You will then scroll through the site, find the bet you want, throw down your wager and hit submit. Whether it be a futures bet, money or props, the process itself is simple and straightforward at any of the Best NFL betting sites listed below. BetUS If you’re looking for a very user-friendly layout and presentation, look no further than BetUS. There’s a variety of reasons why they secured top spot in our survey of the best NFL betting sites online. BetUS is one of the most well-known and respected books around and it’s that mutual trust between bettor and bookie that has landed them as our top-rated NFL sportsbook.

New Betting Sites

BetUS Every one of the top sports betting sites will offer you a Welcome Bonus, but not everyone is confident enough to put $1000 up just for registering. Take part in Super Bowl online betting 2023 at this site.It’s one of the better online sports betting bonuses we’ve come across to date. MyBookie impresses with a sleek look and constant quality reviews from their clientele. They were given a 4.9/5 review from Safe Betting Sites and continually rank high in every best online sports bookie survey. XBet When it comes to betting football, XBet is one of the new guys on the block, but they’re also one of the most in-depth. Not only does XBet list NFL lines, but they also accept bets on the Canadian Football League as well. While they’re not yet known as well for their other sports, football is everything at XBet and NFL betting is front and center. You’ll find some of the best weekly football lines, odds and wagers at XB. Their devotion to the pigskin is why they round out our best NFL betting sites podium. BetOnline BetOnline is one of the most trusted names in online sportsbooks. These guys have been around for three decades dating back to 1991. Their online sportsbook is presented in more of a landscape view which is a refreshing change for their customers. The sidebar and bet ticket have a sleeker layout providing more room for their lines and odds. The site itself has seen a few changes over its 30-years, but it hasn’t deterred anybody from the brand. BetOnline continues to be one of the best online sports gambling sites operating to this day. GTBets GTBets is currently one of the fastest growing top sports betting sites in history. They are celebrating 10-years and are offering their customers continual bonus offers for their registration, first deposit, second and all-around loyalty. GTBets covers a variety of games with emphasis on the North American sports scene. They are an absolute must for new bettors everywhere that are looking for the latest and most modern gaming experience. Bovada Bovada has one of the most trusted names in all of sports – let alone sportsbooks. They are the sister site of Bodog and have been around since the original online betting boom. The Bovada website is very easy to navigate and always offers some of the most up to date information, betting lines and odds. They do an excellent job with their online upkeep and maintenance and for new and experienced sportsbook gamers alike, Bovada is a very trusted name and offers a very worthwhile experience. We hope you enjoyed our overview of the Best NFL betting sites. We are always looking for better ways to support our clientele. Please let us know what you’d like to see in our future top sports betting sites reviews and how we can help navigate your online bookie experience.

Best Online Sports Bookie

When it comes to finding the best online sports bookie, there’s a few things that you want to take into account. First up, just how mainstream is this website? If you’re looking for a very well known site, you may not find the best odds on the web - let alone bets. Some of the big sites out there won’t deviate too much when it comes to futures, props and mainstream betting because they have a large client base and there’s no need to rock the boat.

Top Sports Betting Sites for NFL

So, when it comes to the odds, we’d like to think that we’ve cobbled together some of the finest sites in the business for you to go “outside of the box” with. When it comes to prop betting, the lesser known or newer sites are generally the ones that will try and get your attention with outlandish bets to recruit your business. They’re also the ones that’ll offer a different (and most times better) oddset on even the most popular games in an added attempt to catch your eye. The lesser known or newer sites will generally have very responsive customer service as well because they’re trying to build a brand from the ground up. The online sports betting world operates just like any other startup company out there and understands that customers come first - especially in the early going to help generate trust. With that, you can typically ask these sites directly to list a certain bet, add a player to a current bet or perhaps (in some cases) even alter their odds a touch. In our humble opinion, the most popular sports betting websites are not the ones that will add x,y or z to a bet in a timely fashion based purely on their overwhelming customer inbox. Sometimes it can take days or even weeks to get a response. The best sports betting websites are the ones who make you feel the most comfortable. In other words, it really comes down to what you want in a sports bookie. For some, it’s presentation and ease of use. For others, it’s the ability to find the best odds and the craziest props. We’re here to help you find what you’re looking for either way. Most User Friendly Bookie Standings This could mean a barrage of things, but let’s take a look at two big factors that could help you trim down your choice - usability and creativity.

BetUS Usability Sites

Did you think they were just our NFL goto and that was it? Really? Not a chance. BetUS stands above the rest in multiple categories (many of which, we’ll get to shortly) and usability is definitely high on the list. For a customer to go all the way through the agonizing process of researching, educating, selecting the right book, registering, depositing and then finally betting, they need to know that they’ll have an easier time taking that last step. It’s a big deal. We get it and so does BetUS. It’s the only sportsbook endorsed by National Football League legend Warren Sapp. A guy whose job was to run over people and sack the quarterback. That was it. Plain and simple. Do you really think a guy like that wants to spend time figuring out a bunch of jargon or do you think he wants to just get right down to the nitty gritty? There’s a reason he chose BetUS and it’s the same one that should compel you as well. BetUS Creativity BetUS generates their lines in real-time and is one of the leaders in responsive odds. Many times odds are affected by trades, signings, injuries or a million other things. BetUS stands out as the best bookie on our list because they adapt and act in a fluid motion. They have one of the most reactionary odds books in our standings because they’re continually trying to better their platform and have a team working on every inch of it 24-7.

MyBookie Usability

MyBookie is a firm believer in the adage, “Go big or go home”. Big images. Big numbers. Big buttons. Big betting. That’s what millions have come to expect from this industry staple through the years and they never disappoint. When it comes to usability, MyBookie prides themselves on the three C’s - Cut, Clarity and Color. Sure, you can use the same scale when shopping for that perfect diamond, but it’s a little different at MyBookie. Cut to the chase. MyBookie doesn’t mess around and gives you the best odds possible by matching or bettering the other top sports betting sites out there. Next up, clarity. MB keeps it simple, concise and easy to use their platform, which in turn, helps you get where you need to go quicker. And finally, color. These guys have stuck with the same scheme for years because it’s easy on the eyes and stands out like a sore thumb. In other words, they know a thing or two about what their customers want at MyBookie.

MyBookie Sportsbook Bonus

The oddset, lines and parlays found at MyBookie are among the best on the internet. Finding a stronger and more unique book won’t be an easy thing to do, but we implore you to try and find better. Fact of the matter is, you can’t. Much like BetUS, you’ll find a 24-7 approach to the interface and lines alike at MB and it’s due to that level of customer care that’s kept them among the best in the game. XBet Usability When you go this heavy on football you need to make sure you have your ducks in a row. This is the site that the hardcore seek out for the best regular season and NFL playoff odds, so the pressure is on week in and week out at XBet. Thankfully, they’ve got a team that rises to the challenge night in and night out and the big reason for that is what we touched on earlier - customer service. When you’re the new guys in a very heavy betting pool of well established sites, you need to make sure everything is humming and XB does an exceptional job of just that. Their maintenance and responsive service is almost instantaneous and they’re welcoming and generally very agreeable when it comes to new prop ideas too. XBet Creativity To even be in the conversation of the best online sports bookie, you need to make sure that you’re taking the chances that most others aren’t. Like anything else, it’s those that seize the opportunities others don’t that separate themselves from the pack. XB is relatively new to the betting game, but are quickly establishing themselves as a next level betting house given their attitude towards unique and innovative betting menus and packages.

Legal US Betting Sites

For the longest time, the center of the US sports betting world was Las Vegas. The big books, the hotel casinos and everything in-between offline all resided in the city that never sleeps. They were the king of brick and mortar and then it all changed. Now, the word is out and you’ll find that everyone and their cousin have a different favorite top sports betting sites. The market is saturated with various outlets and it’s become nearly impossible for a new user and potential client to navigate their way through the online betting jungle without help. Enter BettingSites1 (BS1), your new home for where, how and why the top sports betting sites are just that - the Top Sports Betting Sites. The online sports betting world can be a scary place for new bettors with so many places trying to recruit your business. Thankfully, we’ve taken the necessary steps to help you get closer to your sportsbook betting destination. We’re going to take a closer look now at each of our top site’s security measures, customer service and response time to help aid your decision. As mentioned, there are numerous sports betting hubs out there, but only a few stand above the rest in our set out criteria. With BS1, you’ll never have to worry about the question of legality either. We’ve researched and listed legal US betting sites ONLY, so when it comes to credit security, we’re doing our best to go the extra mile for you. With our podium set and BetUS, MyBookie and XBet reigning supreme, it’s time we take a closer look at just what separates them from the rest. Sure, we’ve combed the web and brought to light some of the better promotions that you’ll find, but the end game for you (the bettor) is to find the best legal US betting site. Period. So let’s do just that. BetUS The team at BetUS is ready for you! The reason we have them ranked so high isn’t just their overly generous welcome offers, it’s because they’re one of the best sports betting online best sites...did we say “best” enough? Well, believe it because it’s true.
Top Legal US Betting Sites
There are a number of things the general public look for in an online house and atop the list is security. When it comes to legal US betting sites, the BetUS bunch have been around for decades, seen a thing or two and have very rarely (if ever) rubbed a customer the wrong way. If you do a broad online search, you’ll find their reviews are second to none in almost every category and their customer service sets the standard. Trust is the bottom line when picking an online sports book, much like it is when shopping for an online product. It’s the be all and end all of the online industry. With that in mind, you’d be hard pressed to find a site that has built a larger customer base in the past decade-plus and who have nurtured that client base with an always adapting and oft-updating user interface. Second to security is usability and BetUS has that in droves. BetUS is a fully licensed and legal sportsbook in the United States and is well-known for having some of the fastest and most responsive betting software online today. One of our favorite top sports betting sites. MyBookie We’ve already covered off the $1000 welcome bonus that’s available to you and we’ve already touched on their stellar safety review. So, with that, let’s delve a little further into just what makes this site tick. Their customer reviews are among the best in the country and their service is as responsive as anyones, but the x-factor for MyBookie is their devotion to the game. Devotion can have a lot of different looks. For customers, it can come in the form of maintenance and upkeep. It can also be achieved through constant man-hours to help keep the lines perfect and ahead of the competition’s day in and day out. MyBookie separates itself from the pack as an industry leader with the best and most secure odds online making it one of the most trusted legal US sportsbooks around. MyBookie’s oddsmakers are constantly combing the net to find the best odds so that they can either match or beat them.

Best NFL Odds

Now, that keeps their clients happy, but what about the question of legality? MyBookie’s governing body is in Costa Rica and the site itself has been around for decades. In other words, it is fully legal to play on MB in the United States of America and its reputation dates back to before most of the people actually betting on their site were born. XBet When it comes to legality on the internet in general, the questions swirl around new websites. It’s not that any new website that’s offering anything different should be seen as being in a different weight class. It’s just that the general public isn’t always fully comfortable with what’s new. XBet is somewhat new - relatively speaking. XBet has shot up in popularity over the better half of the last decade, but they are still considered one of the newer bet sites out there. This is because most other sites were established decades ago either under their current name or another likeness. There are a good number of websites that have undergone facelifts and format flips, but XBet has been true to their name thus far with no expected changes in sight. With all of that in mind, when it comes to legal US betting sites, security is always at the top of the list of priorities. This is doubly important for websites that are new(er) to the industry like XBet. It’s why the crew at XB has gone above and beyond throughout their shorter tenure to make sure their customer service, maintenance and responsiveness have ranked among the very best. It’s not easy being a new kid on a block full of fully matured sites, but XB has taken every single necessary step (and then some) to be a very well trusted and reputable top sports betting sites.

Best Online Sports Gambling Sites

When it comes to registering for the best online sports gambling sites a lot of people initially just look for the best online sports betting bonuses. A great welcome incentive is always a good thing, but it certainly should not be what separates the good from the great. It can be a very helpful tool to get you up and running, but at the end of the day you should treat it as if you’re looking for your new online spouse. You’re going to be spending countless hours with this new beau. You’ll likely get heated at your new site a few times. You’re going to share unparalleled moments of joy with them and you’re also going to spend some money with and on them. In other words, do not take this selection process lightly. Your next favourite online sportsbook should be more than just a click away. First up, you should take the time to read through the reviews of these sites. If you check out our above selections, your process should feel pretty streamlined. However, we always encourage venturing out to see what other info you can find because at the end of the day, it’s the education you pickup that’ll help you select your next sports betting hub. You can venture out and find the info we’ve listed or of course, you could just take our heavily researched word for it. Either way, we’re just happy that you’ve decided to get in the game and check out some of the top sports betting sites. Let’s chat about what separates the average from the best now because that’s why you’re here. You’ve come to BS1 for answers. Before we get to them though, you need to know the right questions to ask. For that, we do have another award winning criteria in place.
Top Sports Betting Sites Customer Service
How do you find the best service on the web? For starters, you can dig for hours on end and tally up each review score. They’re generally rated out of five to 10 stars, but some web reviews may only offer a few compliments or perhaps some negative analysis. A score or a few nice words is not the way to hone in on your next hub though. The best way to do it is to actually ask the necessary questions of the website itself. That way you can actually gauge the response time in real time and the friendliness of the service firsthand. If you check out our web links in the table above you’ll find six sportsbooks with impeccable ratings that are anxiously awaiting your queries. Best Kept Sportsbooks Finding a site with high quality upkeep is essential. What this means is no blackouts, cloudflares or downtime. Generally, you’ll find that sites with the most recently updated interface (menu, imagery, sidebar, FAQ, about, contact, promotions) will be the most up to date. An easy way to sort this is by seeing what your site has available to the customer. A sportsbook for you is essential for obvious reasons, but a casino page is also key. Online casino games require constant upkeep and maintenance. They also require random number generators which are constantly in need of updated software. If your desired site also branches into the casino lifestyle as well, you’re likely looking at a sportsbook that’s second to none. It’s an easy rule of thumb and the majority of the sites we have listed are dual threats - sportsbook and casino sites.

Best Lines for NFL and College Football

Not every site updates their lines constantly. An easy way to gauge this is by checking in that sportsbook’s futures section. Futures odds are constantly fluctuating due to a team’s win’s, losses, injuries and transactions. If you’re finding that the odds are staying pretty flat regardless of the standings, injuries or moves made, the site’s backend is likely not attended to frequently. That’s a huge red flag. If the futures odds are moving constantly, that website more than likely has odds and line makers working around the clock. Another great way to tell if your desired sportsbook has constant work happening behind the scenes is through their live betting. For starters, if there isn’t a live betting option available, you should run for the hills. At this point in the game, that’s like buying a new car with no airbags. It’s just not a thing in the betting world any more, although we’re sure there are a few still in existence. If their live betting lines are moving frequently with every single play that’s happening live before your eyes, you’ve found a site that’s getting some good TLC and that’s exactly what you want.

The Best of the Best

To summarize, the best sites have each of the top three categories listed above working in fluid motion. The last thing in the world you want to do is find a website, register and go through the entire betting process only to find out that at some point you won’t get to bet on the event you want. With that in mind, the best sites are those that can offer you as much as possible and as often as possible. For that to come to fruition, the service, upkeep and lines will tell you everything you need to know about where to register. At the end of the day here, you’re spending your hard earned money on a registration somewhere. So, when it comes to the bets themselves, that money can be made back - if you’re good. The registration, though, is something that’s generally non-negotiable, but will be followed up with a welcome bonus offer. So, in essence, right from the get-go you could make your money back within the first hour or less of your sign up. That’s a pretty good deal. We hope that the criteria we laid out above will help better your judgement when it comes to selecting your ideal online sportsbook. Our goal is to support your decision by going the extra mile and providing as much educational information as possible. When it comes to the top three, don’t worry in the slightest. Gauging each site’s performance and obtaining this education doesn’t take long. Observing each sportsbook in motion for even five or ten minutes will give you a better idea of what’s to come. Then, by that point, you should have a much clearer idea of the online landscape and which of our best online sports gambling sites you can trust the most.

US Sports Betting Apps

Essentially, what we’ve done thus far is map out criterias for you to follow so you can be a little better educated on what to look out for when selecting your next online sportsbook. We began with mapping out the best online sports betting bonuses. We then ventured into how to find the best bookie, security, legality and upkeep. Well, now it’s time to map out what may very well likely trump all of those things for you; it’s time to find the best US sports betting apps. Most websites will either offer a downloadable application or they’ll offer a streamlined mobile page. Obviously, the latter of the two is not preferred, but it’s still a very viable option. A high quality and responsive mobile page is much better than the alternative of a slower desktop only format. Nonetheless, an app is still the most preferred method among online sports bettors. For this, we’ve mapped a few of our top sportsbooks from the list above who have launched the most interactive and elaborate apps on the market today. These five names will come as no surprise. They’re extremely well-known for their desktop originality and lasting appeal, but how does their mobile app stack up? They’ve been industry leaders since their inception, but now it’s time to give a more comprehensive look at their entire portfolio. Let’s take a look at some of the best US sports betting apps on the market today. MyBookie We’ve sung their praises for a few reasons to this point, but their mobile app puts them a touch above the competition. MyBookie is one of the premiere sports betting sites as is, but with a fully responsive and lightning quick app at your disposal as well, they help make the choice of ‘your next top sports betting sites’ easy. There are over 20 sports at your disposal through their mobile app. You can also access their casino - which we mentioned earlier is a huge plus in the Best Upkeep section - along with their bonuses and promotions. MB offers you numerous depositing methods and you can even play with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and or Litecoin. XBet XBet is a Curacao licensed online book that offers dozens of sports and a fully interactive casino and racebook. XBet specializes in football, but goes across the board offering every other sport imaginable too of course 24-7. They also have an extremely fast load time and the presentation is very similar to their desktop version, so you can feel at home and at ease with whichever route you select.
XBet Mobile App
is available on countless devices from iOS to Galaxy to Huawei and more. They also offer round-the-clock security and customer service. As mentioned, XB is relatively newer to the sportsbook game, but their footprint has been noted around the world. They are hands down one of the best US sports betting apps on the map today. BetOnline These guys are no stranger to the block either. True to form with their familiar crimson red slathered throughout, BetOnline has done an exceptional job at alluring themselves to the mobile audience. Their 50% free play bonus is one of the better mobile-exclusive promotions around. They also offer a very handy QR code scan to take you right to their app on their desktop site to add a little more ease to your search. BetOnline then goes the extra mile with no download required, 24-7 responsive use and a customer service number available for any and all to take advantage of. More often than not, a lot of betting sites launched during this decade and last will only offer an email address or message box to reach their customer service department. BetOnline doesn’t hide behind a contact box though. They offer live 24-7 support if and when needed. GTbets Yes, the GTB are also heavily partaking in the mobile game. In fact, they are currently offering a $500 sign up bonus for all mobile download customers as well. GTbets offer a safe and secure setup which also brings to life their interactive sportsbook and casino. They are a very reputable page that has been in operation for ten years and counting. Known to some by the full name of Game Time Bets, GT is a major player in every sport. Much like the prior books listed, these guys have every known North American sport listed along with multiple international competitions and leagues. They offer bank wire transfers, quick cash as well as prepaid gifts. They also offer guaranteed lines which means if you pick a team from multiple sports, you can then utilize the option of customizing certain game lines. Bovada With a 4.8/5 rating on the Google Play store out of nearly 10,000 reviews, the Bovada app is one of the best on the market. This shouldn’t surprise you. Bovada and Bodog are two of the biggest names in the online sportsbook world and seeing how they are each other’s brother (or sister) sites, you’d expect that the industry leaders on desktop would also blaze the trail on mobile as well. The team at Bovada has done a fantastic job at making their app overly simple for the user. You’ll find the oft used red, black and white color scheme complemented beautifully by one of the most interactive user menus. Their sportsbook, race book and casino bring to life the professionalism you’ll come to know and love with the Bovada brand. Nothing is second-tier. Everything from these guys is built to last and is created with ‘top spot’ in mind. While we try not to overwhelm you too much with options, education and just all-around things to think about, we do want to help create a lasting appeal for you. At the end of the day, the big question is which sportsbook offers you the best desktop and mobile advantage? Which book gives you the most for your loyalty in return for your registration and time? We hope we’ve given you enough to chew on. Who are we kidding though, we’re not done yet. Let’s throw one more log on the fire.

Best Sites to Bet Football Futures On During the NFL Regular Season

Every single US betting site will try to tell you either via promotion, social media boost or commercial that they are the hub for football betting. There is some truth there, in that many top sports betting sites in the United States are going above and beyond to showcase National Football League odds and lines. However, when it comes right down to it, there are some sites that stand out above the rest. As always, please allow our team at BS1 to show you the way. Here we’ve listed the best sportsbooks for betting football futures and why.

Football Futures betting with BetUS

We touched on it briefly before, but you can always tell just how devoted a site is to their football lines with just how often their futures are updated. If their futures fluctuate with injuries and transactions in the offseason, you know you’ve found a good hub and BetUS is second to none in that department. This sportsbook showcases futures, weekly game lines, player and team props along with some phenomenal parlay options. They’re continually cobbling together new and different props to keep you entertained and allured on the week to week action. They are truly one of the best football futures betting sites online and continue to show why they’re the preferred choice among pigskin bettors. Based in San Jose, Costa Rica, BetUS is fully available in the United States and Canada. They have an elite software fueling their presentation and overlay. The site moves very fast and responds well on desktop and mobile.

Football Futures Betting with MyBookie

MyBookie already offers the betting public one of the top mobile sports apps on the market. Now, when you add football futures betting to the equation, it’s easy to see how these guys have hashed out such a stellar reputation. One of the most common reviews and compliments MB gets from bettors and potential customers alike, is their setup. The way their odds are so spread out and displayed makes betting on the big games beyond easy. Their interface is extremely user friendly and they truly understand and have responded when it comes to overall ease of use. When it comes to the bets themselves, you’ll find the preferred football betting menu. You will of course have your weekly money lines, over-unders, props, parlays and teaser opportunities. Their futures are currently what separate them from the pack though. You’ll find futures bets for the Super Bowl, championship games and division winners. You’ll then find continually updating menus for regular season MVP, most wins, along with rookie of the year and individual player season props. You’ll also find quite a few NFL specials that are exclusive to the MB family too. MyBookie is heading toward the conclusion of it’s first decade in existence and has truly set the standard since their inception. They are another San Jose, Costa Rica brand that are available throughout North America and are based out of Curacao. Their setup is ideal and their license stretches internationally making them one of the most sought after sites among new and veteran bettors.

Football Betting with XBet

Our friends at XB offer a wide variety of football games, bets and leagues. Yes, that’s right. Canadian Football League futures betting is also available through the site. What does this mean for you? Well, not a ton if you’re not interested in betting on the CFL. It’s just a little added assurance though that these guys are keeping a close eye on the pigskin on both sides of the borderl. And that’s a very good thing. XB and MyBookie share similar deposit and withdrawal methods. It’s extremely easy to get in and out of the game with their software. They’re also a Costa Rican based entity and offer some of the quickest and best football futures payout options in the world.

Football Betting with BetOnline

There are a few teams that are slowly fueling up behind the scenes. They’re getting stronger and while they’re not the likely Super Bowl contenders like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or Kansas City Chiefs, they’re building dark horses. The names that come to mind are the Miami Dolphins, Los Angeles Chargers and or Indianapolis Colts. Are these the main contenders now? Probably not, but according to BetOnline’s new props, they are certainly a few teams to keep an eye on. BetOnline is so into the pigskin that they’ve gone above and beyond to offer some of the best team and player props and specials on the market. They are a Panama City based sportsbook that’s been in existence since 2004. They’ve seen a thing or two and truly cater to their clientele.

Football Betting with GTBets

Game Time Bets has another fantastic desktop platform for betting on the biggest sports out there, but what differentiates them with football bettors is their devotion to parity. Not only from a sports standpoint, but visually as well. GT has one of the better layouts that you’ll find in a sportsbook making betting on football an absolute breeze whether it be on your desktop or mobile viewing app. GTB is based out of Curacao and offers fully responsive speed, customer service and an array of new registration and current client promotions.

Football Betting Sites with Bovada

How Bovada goes the extra mile is through their news and updates. Bovada not only offers you a variety of diverse bet styles, but they also give their customers a news page. This is a huge help when it comes to betting trends and the latest information on a team or player x,y and z. Like their brother (or sister) site Bodog, Bovada goes above and beyond to get you the latest stats, injury, trade and all around team news possible. In a bizarre twist that you won’t really find with any other top sports betting sites, Bovada’s reputation precedes them along with their origin. Let us explain. Bovada is a Costa Rican sportsbook that has been fully operational for over a decade. Their backend servers, maintenance and upkeep were established all the way back in 1994 when Bodog first launched based out of Antigua.